Domestic Money Transfer(Paisa Kendra)

NPST is offering Domestic Money Transfer service. We provides this service to citizens through Serve Seva Kendra (SSK). The SSk provides citizens an ease of transferring money.

NPST offers Domestic Money transfer by two modes that are IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) and NEFT.

Paisa Kendra is platform where process of transferring hard cash through bank accounts from one place to another. This facilitates instant transfer and receipt to beneficiaries. This service can be utilized 365 days.

Time for Transfer 5 -8 seconds. Service available 365 days of the year. Maximum Limit of transfer - Per transaction Rs 5,000, per month Rs 10,000 without KYC and with KYC Rs 25,000.

Time for Transfer 2 to 8 hours. Service available on working days only. Maximum limit of transfer - Per transaction Rs 25,000, Per month Rs 50,000.

Benefits to avail money transfer through NPST such as:

  • Secure and quick transaction
  • Minimum charges
  • No need to visit bank just visit to your nearest SSK centre.
  • Only with your mobile no. do your money transfer.
  • Sender do not need any bank account to do the transfer.