E-serveshiksha ERP

E-serveshiksha is an online ERP solution (educational enterprise resource planning software). It is a cloud based technology which enables to store, record and access the information anywhere and anytime.

This helps you to manage the entire administration, campus operations, and academic management in an efficient way.

  • It is a secured Web / Mobile based interactive application which will manage the entire educational institution providing efficiency, financial and academic control, and security by effective use of technology.
  • It is user friendly and efficiently designed for use of School Management, Staff, Parents and Students.
  • Can be customized as per client needs and future requirements.

E-serveshiksha allow Educational institutes to bring all the stakeholders viz., students, teachers, parents and the management together to communicate and collaborate over the Internet. Educational Institutes can make all information like student’s records, parent/teachers/staff information, admission forms, examination schedules, time table, syllabus and curricula, attendance records, student transcripts, events etc available over Internet to everyone. Comprehensive communication module will enable faster communication between teachers, students, parents, management.

Why E-serveshiksha