Parking solution

NPST have been working on next generation technologies to solve large scale governance challenges by deploying innovative and cost effective solution. One Such Solution for city is “Smart Parking Solution".

NPST has designed Smart Parking Solution for the use of Government as well as Private sector. Smart Parking Solution solves parking issues and traffic congestion.

Smart Parking Solution is provided through Smartphone Application integrated with legacy infrastructure for Parking Solution. The solution is GPS based which provides information such as available parking lots, parking timings, rates, pre-book spots, etc. It may be integrated with future requirements such as Traffic information and news. Payment will happen through Mobile Wallet and other Cashless options.

The Smart Parking Solution is scalable to integrate further Government Requirements Toll, public transport, taxes, etc. Solution can be an integrated parking solution for entire city or state. The solution is user friendly and efficiently designed for use of Citizens, Government Staff, and other authorities.

Benefit to Government

  • Boost to Cashless and Paperless Economy
  • Real time data availability and online cash collection in bank account.
  • Avoid cash management and leakage in system
  • Provides accountability, transparency and ease of transaction
  • Improvement of brand image by usage of next generation technology
  • Citizen satisfaction with better experience and technology

Benefit to Citizens

  • Cashless solution to Citizens
  • Single wallet for Multiple Platforms
  • Better Savings with Discount deals and offers
  • Solution for saving time, avoiding queues and traffic issues
  • Ease to locate - pre-trip parking information system
  • Parking reservation system with smart phones