We have migrant population from Bihar, UP, Andhra, Gujarat working in Mumbai or any urban area for a living; they usually are labour class and stay on rent; so mostly they are unable to open a bank savings account at their work place since they don’t have POA(proof of address) and POI(proof of identification) in the place they work; but they have an savings bank account at their native place; the process of transferring cash to ANY bank account in India is called “Remittance”, it is widely known as “Money Transfer” .


  • Instant messages to remitters for amount transferred
  • Lowest commission charges for customers to capture market.
  • Credit facility offered by NPST at nominal interest rates.
  • Multiple bank facility for cash deposit of transactions made.
  • Dedicated team for consumer grievance and Technical support .
  • Secure banking login so assurance money reaching the right beneficiary


  • NPST believes in giving an end to end solution for all the SSK needs.
  • NPST would provide soft copies for Marketing materials required to capture market.
  • Assistance on intial setup of Remittance portal at the SSK center.
  • If required Credit for Remittance transactions at nominal interest rates .
  • Complete Step by step Guide of the portal to make transaction/ refund.
  • Ensure speedy resolution incase of refunds by consumer grievance team.
  • Timely reports on comission earned and incase of disputes quick resolution by MIS team