"Innovate TimePay® technology and process to provide integrated digital ecosystem to the citizens and excluded stakeholders in society"



PEOPLE are at the core of our Innovation Desk that shakes up Ideas and execution plan to solve larger citizen centric issues we observe every day. Technology has been the backbone and first love for us where we wake up with a mobile handset beside us and the magical power it carries to transforms the world we live in. Today, the challenges faced by citizens are not restricted to political boundaries of a nation or specific to a society; in-fact the environment built around us, represents the global issues faced by People across the planet. We strongly believe that the Technology has an ability to go beyond the mankind’s unthinkable journey and deliver not just the solution but predict the future requirement and simplify the BIG LEAP we intend to take in this century.

At NPST, we believe in building the next generation tools and technology that meets Industry demand across various sector and deliver higher returns to our clients.

It may be a product, a process or just a delivery mechanism; there is nothing that does not go through the INNOVATION DESK to improvise the Critical Path and deliver the benchmark results.

We are Solution focused organisation in Software and Citizen Service Delivery space with focus on solving large scale governance issues by deploying Cost effective, Innovative Technology.

In Software solution, we deliver end-to-end technology solution to our clients and citizens catering to Financial and Non-financial needs in the industry. Our Primary focus being Financial Technology we are building a single solution for the cashless economy. Apart from banking and People being at the core, we are also focused on building solution that will solve citizen problems in eGovernance and Education Sector

In Citizen Service Delivery platform, we deliver last mile reach to our clients through Physical IT enabled kiosk, Web based and Mobile based technology. Citizens can enjoy multiple services under one roof by consuming these services either through physical centres, at their doorstep or Mobile based solution.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with pure focus on quality of service Delivery.

With our NETWORK of service delivery channels and our understanding of PEOPLE’s expectation, we are committed to simplify SERVICE delivery by use of TECHNOLOGY enabled mechanism. Over the past few years, we have built a team of experts in each domain that will take the ownership to bring an innovative solution for the citizens in the current environment by deploying the business cycle of “ PLAN – STRATEGIZE – IMPLEMENT – OPERATE – IMPROVISE”.