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NPST Super App

Banking industry is evolving every day with newer technologies and processes. NPST has been in this domain since 2014 and has continuously evolved with industry requirement.
Considering our experience in building multiple digital payment switch and mobile app for some of the largest banks in India, we have been working on the concept of Banking Super App since couple of years now. The core objective of building super app is to provide a seamless user experience with all the banking, financial and transactional services merged into a powerful but smart app.
At the heart of this solution is the technology stack which is platform agnostic, fast paced, heavy processor and intelligence driven. Our processing engine consumes all the disintegrated and diverse platform and creates a high performing gateway. This gateway further powers the Super application with user driven features and bank driven services. 
The app is available in 11 languages, and it can be scaled to further regional languages as per bank requirement. It’s a one stop App that brings together all banking needs, investments, bill payments, ticketing, shopping, government services, UPI payments, loans and deposits on a single platform. The compilation of different services under one super app will help solve user problem of disintegrated and diverse services available in multiple applications. 
Our Super app journey so far is a strong foundation for several firsts in the industry.
Today our Super app is readily available solution for faster go to market and higher success ratio. 


NPST Super App?

  • Full stack and end-to-end solution
  • Readily available platform for quick implementation and optimized cost
  • Proven and tested solution with third largest PSU bank in the country
  • Experience in handling project challenges involving several third parties
  • Owns and operates Payment processing engine at the core of solution
  • Mobile Banking/ IMPS / UPI / API solution / SDK platform
  • Compatibility with licensed and Open platform
  • Own IP that avoids third party dependency


One app for mobile banking & UPI
Single code for iOS and Android
API hub for third party applications
Multilevel security checks
Intelligence driven service platform
SDK container
Micro-Services for high scalability
User-driven customization
Industry first interactive features

*We have successfully delivered ai1 Super App to one of the largest public sector banks – Canara Bank


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