Covid Care Support To Employees

NPST Providing Covid Care Support To Employees

In light of Covid19 Pandemic, NPST has come up with Covid Care Policy for the safety and well-being of the employees. The past few weeks have been very tough for many as India fights against the second wave of covid-19.

It is very important that during these times all the organisations should stand by their staffs firmly.

As a Company, we are committed to our employee’s health and safety.

Keeping this in mind, we hereby introduce below mentioned Covid Care measures for employees.

We have created a future ready solution that can be scaled on No time and has capacity to multiply due to advanced technical architecture and robust processing engine.

  • Vaccine:
    Company will reimburse the cost towards Vaccine up to Rs 1000 per employee. The vaccination policy covers two members per family which includes Employee (Self) and one immediate family member
  • In the event of death:
    NPST has reserved a budget under ‘Family Care’ for the employees who may lose their life, fighting pandemic. In such scenario, NPST will fulfil below commitments.
    • Continue to pay Six months Basic salary to the employee’s dependent family.
    • Entire settlement in the fastest possible time
    • Ensuring timely closure of employee insurance claim requirement for family’s benefit
      • Virtual Hospital for employees:
        In order to support employees and their family members, NPST has partnered with healthcare company and will provide fully Paid Virtual Hospital facility for treatment of Covid disease. This facility will be available to employee (Self) and one immediate family member
      • Leave policy for Covid:
        Leaves related to Covid medication and recovery will not hamper the salary of an employee. Adjustments up to 10 days of leave will be done for employees who are out of leave balance.
      • Immunity Booster:
        NPST has tied up with a certified product company that has formed an immunity booster package for individual as well as family. In case employee needs such package, company will bear 40% of the cost.

      Needless to say, We will continue to keep our NPSTians and their health and wellness as first priority by providing them support at work as well as home.

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