TimePay® Evok
A Powerful UPI API Engine
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An integrated modern day payment platform built on our API based framework, TimePay Evok enables you to bring a one-stop solution for Merchants, Payment Aggregators and other service providers alike. It’s easy access to the UPI ecosystem, helps you deliver merchant services in a cost-efficient manner. Not just that, Evok offers real time reconciliation, verification, swift onboarding, alongside other digital services all bundled as one without a single lapse.
Key Capabilities
Operating as Approved TPAP – TimePay, Evok is built as robust platform supporting multiple channels and instruments. It also brings forth flexibility of real-time transactions with reconciliation module. Totally aware of the lurking threats, Evok protects every transaction through encryption for your merchant data points.
  • Payment Aggregators
  • Large Merchants
  • Mobile App
  • ERP
  • Service Providers
  • Credit Societies
Be the first choice for Digital Merchants of today
Through our unique API services, UPI as payment engine can be integrated for both Websites and App driven solutions of your large-scale merchants. Using our API, Merchants can execute real-time transactions through multiple channels. Multiple Payment options.

Payment Options

NPST understands and takes care of your customers, catering to varied payment options:

  • Intent flow
  • QR based payments
  • Web & App collect request
  • UPI ID based Payments

Service API

A whole bouquet of Service APIs for seamless backend interactions:

  • Statement API
  • Reconciliation API
  • Wallet Recharge API
  • Soundbox API
With UPI Autopay customers can now enable recurring e-mandate using any UPI application for any recurring payments.
It is a simple method to manage regular payments such as insurance premiums, SIPs, loan instalment collections, etc., which allows merchants to transact freely with confirmed payment commitment for the future dates.
Services for Merchants
  • Customer identification and verification
  • Transaction Processing and Real-Time Reconciliation
  • Ensure timely payments from the customers
  • Customer satisfaction and customer retention leading to increased customer base
  • Multiple channel integration:
    SMS, WhatsApp, TimePay App, E-mail, and merchant platforms.
One solution with multiple payment modes
Static QR
Standard/Unique QR Payment Processing – Evok’s QR Code-based interface enables customers make payments using mobile phones, making it a preferred channel to expedite and grow business.
Dynamic QR
A dynamic QR code enables merchants to accept contactless and error-free payments from customers. However, this is specific to a transaction or customer identity.
Timepay Evok offers QR POS Solutions for each of your business needs, ensuring secure, reliable, and fast-paced payments at the Point of Sale.
We work with customers across Banking and Payment Industries in their success journey.